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Latter Day Ace, by Artemis Raven

The Latter-day Queer experience

Isn't an easy one. 

It isn't easy to live,

And it isn't easy 

To describe. 

Here's the thing

People don't seem to understand 

That in the Church 

There are Queer members

As varied as the spectrum itself. 

I can't speak for the others

But me? 

I am a Latter-day Ace. 

And the perception 

That others hold of me 

Is my own personal 

Circle of hell. 

When I was little,

I wanted to be

The good little Mormon girl. 

But I grew up 

To be a Latter-day Ace. 

When I was a teen,

I was praised 

For not giving in 

To temptation 

But little did they know

And little did I know

That I was a Latter-day Ace 

When I was in college, 

I was uncomfortable 

While sitting through lessons 

On laws that made my skin crawl 

Looking back, 

It makes sense. 

But then? 

I thought I was broken 

I thought I was weird 

I thought I was strange 

I didn't know 

It was even possible 

To be a Latter-day Ace 

The “one track mind” 

That everyone else

Seemed to be talking about 

Joking about 

Living in 

I couldn't think about 

Without grimacing. 

But I was still praised--

For not giving in 

To temptations 

I didn't even have--

Not for being 


When I got married 

The perception changed 

I'd saved myself 

So that must mean 

I would start repopulating 

That's what they wanted of me 

To be 

The good little Mormon girl 

I'd always wanted to be 

And the questions changed 

From “how do you do it?” 

To “when will you do it?”

These people think 

That they have a right 

To the intimate most workings 

Of my personal life 

“You'll want kids one day”

“You're not living up 

To the trust 

That God has placed in you” 


Someone told me that. 

To my face.

And this was someone who knew

Besides being infertile 

That I am a Latter-day Ace. 

I know that my siblings

And friends 

Across the Queer Mormon spectrum 

Hear these same things 

And worse

And there's no end

In sight. 

I wish that people 

Cared enough to see

That being Queer 

Is what makes me 


I am not an abomination

I am not a disappointment 

I am not less in any way 

In the sight of my God. 

I wish they could see 

That there is no 

One right way 

To be a Latter-day Saint.

That I'm the same 

Even as 

A Latter-day Ace. 

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