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The Plan, Anonymous

As a child, I loved playing with my siblings

and singing songs in primary.

As a youth, I read my scriptures and prayed

I would meet my eternal companion.

As a missionary, I invited others to come to Christ

And taught that through The Plan families could be together forever.

As a college student, I met Sam and fell in love.

On our wedding day, we promised to be together for eternity.

As parents, we watched our children play.

They loved singing songs in primary.

As grandparents, we drove home from our grandchild's baptism.

Our car lost control on the icy road, there was a collision.

As resurrected beings, Sam is no longer my wife.

We and our children are just siblings in Christ.

As a polygamous wife, I’m sealed to a man,

My earthly family erased according to The Plan.

As far as some men recommend,

That is how my story will end.

But proclaiming it does not make it divine,

And calling it doctrine does not make it mine.

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