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For a lot of complicated reasons, the main queer Mormon stories people hear are those of cis gay men. We tell the other stories!

We are seeking narrative essays and poetry from queer Mormons, no longer practicing Mormons, and Mormon-adjacent people. We are interested in the stories of queer women, trans and nonbinary people, intersex people, asexual people, and queer polyamorous women.


We are particularly interested in international (non-US) submissions and submissions from people of color. 

Here on the blog we publish creative work--essays, poetry, art, comics--and we intend to periodically publish printed/book-form work. You can order our first book here!


For tips on how to write a narrative-style essay, see here.


Anonymous contributions are allowed, as are contributions under pen-names. (The editors will need to know your identities, but we will keep them confidential per your request). 

Length of narrative essay submissions: up to 1000-4000 words. 

We are currently working on two new collections. One is tentatively titled, "All the Things we Cannot Say," which will consist entirely of anonymous essays and poetry. We are interested in anything you feel like you cannot talk about openly. Polyamory, closeted identities and relationships, being intersex, infidelity, mental health, witchcraft/the-occult, or any other subject you feel like is too taboo to talk about under your real name. For this particular collection, we will accept submissions from anyone who identifies as a queer Mormon or as someone adjacent to queer Mormons, including cis gay men.

The second project is focused on queer joy. We invite anyone who is queer and Mormon or Mormon adjacent to contribute narrative essays for this project. For this collection, we will prioritize the work of women, trans and nonbinary Mormons, people of color, intersex people, and asexual people.

Email as a Word document to and let us know the name you'd like us to use when we publish it and whether or not you can be tagged on social media. 


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