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Ash’s Comic

I often wonder… is there a place for me in the world… (Ash, a short-haired person wearing a hoodie, looks uncertain as they weigh two boxes, marked respectively with the symbols for female and male. Ash is surrounded by the words “what’s wrong with me” and “just faking it”)

in my family? (the lower half of a bearded face is shown, along with the words “non-binary isn’t a thing”)

…in my church? (a faceless figure in a suit and tie, while gripping a pulpit, is masked by the words “evil,” “confused,” and lesser”)

Despite it all… I know who I am. (Ash now looks at peace as they hold up a plant in a pot, marked only with a circle, from which sprouts the words “loved,” “brave,” “God-given,” “divine,” “eternal,” “extraordinary,” and “phenomenal.”)

There’s room. I’ll make room.

This comic originally appeared here:

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