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Frank Pellet's Story

My name is Frank Pellett. I'm a 44 year old software developer for the LDS Church. I've sired 5 children and have been blissfully married for 16 years. I believe strongly in the Church and the Gospel, recommend holding and glad to try whatever calling I'm given.

Two years ago, I also worked out that I am a transgender woman.

I say "worked out" because for most of my growing up, it never crossed my mind as possible. We were born the same gender we had been in the preexistence. It was a simple truth. Even though I did have many times where I wondered "what if," there wasn't any reason to question this truth. Three years ago I learned about Gender Dysphoria, and it fit my life, the longing, like a glove. It took me another year to work out how being transgender could fit into LDS theology. I believe that gender is eternal, that I am the same gender I was in the preexistence, female, and for some reason(s) I have been sent to Earth in a body that was easily assigned male. I believe that in the next life my perfected body will reflect my spiritual gender.

- Will I transition this body to presenting female?

I don't know. I do know that when/if I do, it will be a decision between me, my wife, and God. It's not the business of anyone else.

- How does your wife feel about this?

She is supportive of me, and wants to stay married to me (and I to her). We don't know what the status of our marriage will be in the next life.  We just know that we want to be together forever. I figure if we need a male, we'll find someone we both can love.

- And the Church?

Right now, not many people know. my Bishop may know, and hasn't said anything. Work doesn't know, and it's not something that comes up in conversation. I don't mind the information leaking out about my gender, but I'm not declaring it from the rooftops either. Both my wife and I strongly believe in the Church and have no desire to leave it.

- What about your sexual orientation?

I am wholly attracted to women, and my wife in particular. She, however, is not attracted to women, but is attracted to me. It doesn't concern anyone other than us, since we plan to remain true to our covenants made when we married.

I am sure there are plenty of other questions, and I am always glad to answer them as they come. I'm not good at guile and don't like having things to hide. Being transgender is simply part of who I am. I don't yet have a "female" name, as I'm holding out hope my mother will give me one. My journey is certainly not representative of transgender women. The journeys of others are between them and God. I only hope that my journey can help others to see that we are here, as varied in our lives as any other people.

We are still your siblings, children of our Heavenly Parents.

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