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To Hear Your Voice, by Ronald M Raynes

All I wanted was to hear your voice,

That mild sound of clear water rippling

Almost silently amid rounded stones.

You washed away the debris of sadness

And made my heart chant your melodies,

The joy of rushing water, alive in me.

Walking solitude’s dry path brought on

Conversations with myself, and I learned

To listen to my own voice, but it was you

That I longed for, to hear your familiar

Vowels and cadence, to know you were

Right there with me and not going away.

Because I wept when you did not answer.

The questions of your reality crashing in,

Crushing my belief, as shattered stone...

Was our dream ever real? I thought

You would speak my name at times

And pour life into my desert heart.

But then you spoke from the Rainbow.

One day you'll hold me, our arms clasped

Tight, not wanting to let go of the energy

Glowing in each other’s strong embrace.

And I will nuzzle into your neck the words,

"Shalom, Yeshua, Lover of my Soul!"

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