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by Something More

Some days are easier 

When I don’t see you like that

Where we are just friends 

And we laugh 

And eat 

And cry 

Some days are harder

When I wish you were mine

And we could hold each other

And laugh 

And eat 

And cry 

The way I love you 

Is painful 

It is as a friend

But then so much more 

It is so heavy 

Because it’s not the same 

I’m in love with your hair 

Your smile

Your style 

Your laugh 

Your brain 

The way you love

I wish that someday 

You’d change your mind about me

The life we could have 

It would be 



And then I stop

Because it’s too much 

To know that everything I feel 

For you 

Will never be the same 

For you 

You’re everything 

I could want 

And yet 

With you 

I’ll always be wanting 

Something more

So I see you 

I laugh 

And eat 

And cry 

When you can’t see me 

My heart breaks 

And breaks alone 

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