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Don't Ask Me Not To Love Her, by Alyssa

Ask me to change

I don't see why not

Thrifty? No

Dedicated? No

Level headed?

I could go on but what would that do

Ask me to change any number of things

But not that

Don't ask me not to love her

Though I don't know yet who she is

Don't ask me to abandon her

Since the days it was my favorite song

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus

He would not stop loving her

Not through the lashes given

for the stones he didn't throw

Not through the pains he suffered

As he felt the sting of rejection

Of hatred

Of disappointing everyone to love one

So I will not give up

As my pain runs parallel

Ask me to change?

How dare you

What an evil thing to ask

Whether you ask me with a camp

Or your hand

Don't ask me if I *really* love her

When for you there's one right answer

When you ask, you ask me to be less

You demand less from me

I am to be loved

Loved by cruel words spoken

with prophetic tongues

Loved by constant confusion

They love me

They love me not

They love me

They would rather risk that I may be

Broken by the question, no.


To the point where I become

100% lesser In the blink of an eye

Joining the three fifths that join their Father

Before their time





I refuse

I have a purpose

Don't ask me

I have a family

Don't ask me

I am a daughter of God

Don't ask me

I love her.

Don't ask me

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