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How it Ends, by Zhen

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

You were not one to see details in faces, until hers –

flecks of gold in her eyes,

age-worn parentheses framing pink lips,

undulating back and arms

taut and taunting.

You awakened to the beauty of softness,

the thought of kissing her

rippled a wave from head to toe

that you'd never known,

your heart always leaning away when the men you dated leaned in.

You never wanted to leave her side.

She confessed—

you were one of her dearest friends

and her pace quickened

or perhaps you slowed.

She remained just beyond you,

though you held on,

ever hopeful you'd catch her,

or that she’d pause and wait,

meet you halfway.

But she never turned.

Her body a diminishing point on the horizon.

Her eyes fixed on a target beyond your view

Until even her breath escaped and

there was nothing left but stillness.

You sit cradling your raw legs,

trying to pick yourself up

not sure if you are at the finish or the start.

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