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Linear Time, Anon

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A thousand years ago I stood

on the passenger seat of your car,

head through the skylight, arms

high up in the darkness,

hands waving at the thick black

snake, curled in the road sleeping

as you swerved, your laughter

beating hard against silent

screaming in my chest

It is now, I said, and now is forever

When I was young I was older

A diaper in my purse,

milk for the baby, from chapped

aching breasts

dried in a crust around her mouth,

dripping onto the utility bill,

crumpled, in my pocket

Can we sleep yet? I asked

You were already sleeping,

wide awake with dreams

Now is forever, I said

(but didn’t say)

(just like everything else)

When decades slip through,

like light through shadows,

like a cry of silence,

a hollow, too full:

I know I am younger

This is a poem about three loves

yesterday, tomorrow, forever

I don’t want you to love me now

I want you to have loved me then

I don’t want you to love me forever

Only now

(now is forever)

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