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Mortal Aperture, Anonymous

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I’m beginning to think

that it was never meant

to be a final goodbye.

I am beginning to feel like

the aperture of mortality

was too tight of a confine

to let the light

all the way in.

I was blinded in

the wake of heavenly

shards of light spilling

from her soul to mine, and

I couldn’t see what

she had once been to me,

but I could feel it.

I can still feel it.

Souls stitched together

with the remnants of

pre-mortal flashes.

Whispers. Laughter.

Colors. Memories.

Only pieces with

no specifications of

how we were meant

to fit together.

I have filled my empty basket

with every last piece.

I left it at His feet,

and watered it with saltless tears.

The salt diluted over

months of prayers.

Months of begging.

Months of fighting

to strip the tethers

I was drowning from

the weight of

an unresolved burden.

Too many questions

were lead pellets

through my body.

Freedom came from

the spiritual gift of another.

Heaven sent healing bursts

that freed me from

the tethers to find

the surface -

To the light.

I can now

find the shore, and

this is where I wait.

I wait for her to find me.

I wait for us to gather

our baskets and to dump

the pieces together.

On the highest point

of the mountain

where the stained glass

refracts prisms

across our faces.

Heads bowed.

Arms folded.

Heaven will help us

find the exact

specifications of how

our souls were meant

to fit together, and

we will maintain

heaven’s wishes

in exactness and honor.

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