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Talk to us about your joy!

We are working on a new collection, under contract with Signature Books. The book will focus on stories of queer joy. Tell us a love story. Tell us a story about gender euphoria. Tell us a story about acceptance. Tell us the things that make you laugh. We're looking to collect a balm of stories that heal--queer chicken soup for the soul, as it were--and we want stories of celebration, dance, laughter, acceptance, love.

Signature books publishes Mormon-studies books, but you definitely do not need to be a practicing Mormon to contribute to this collection, nor do you need to address your essay to practicing Mormons. We are simply interested in joyful stories from your life.

The form of your submission should be narrative. Narrative essays are a style of essay that uses story format to recreate moments from your life. Find more tips on writing a narrative essay here. 

Stories should be between 1000 and 5000 words.

Contributing authors will receive two free copies of the book and a 40% author discount on further books published. Compensation may be available for authors who read and record their essays in Signature Book's recording studio in Salt Lake City for the audiobook.

We are especially interested in stories from people of color, trans people, women, nonbinary people, intersex people, bisexuals, lesbians, asexuals, pansexuals, two-spirit people, and gender diverse people.

Anonymous contributions are allowed, as are contributions under pen-names. (The book's editor will need to know your identities, but will keep them confidential per your request). 

Email submissions to the book's editor,, with the subject line "Queer Joy Submission." Deadline Oct 31, 2022.

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