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A Longing, by Gabriella Amada

I want to know when

the longing will

go away for you.

A longing to share

a secret circle

of inside jokes.

A longing to feel

our fingers entwined.

A longing for

the sacred space

between two brown eyes

and two blue eyes

where I feel bathed

in the radiance of

your heavenly light.

A longing to know

the exact smell

of your breath

when it passes

in and out of your body.

I want to feel you sleeping

in the soft cushion

of my fleshy bicep,

and to twirl your short locks

in absolute wonder.

Because this moment

feels like a fantasy.

No matter how far away

I set you outside

the space reserved for only me

I wake up to find

you have sauntered back in

with no opposition.

Like you belong there

nestled deep into

the purple muscle

that is my heart.

I am trying to stop resisting

the inevitable gravity

that pulls you into me

because it is something

as natural as a wave

finding the shoreline.

And just like a wave

you wash over me

and keep my eyes

moist with tears.

Because I feel overwhelmed

by the grace

that brought you to me.

Cleansing the pain

of waiting and wondering

as simple and as certain

as a water color masterpiece

dissolving while it is pelted

by thick drops of rain.

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